Friday, July 6, 2012

History beckons : can Andy Murray win Wimbledon for NATO?

Dare we bring ourselves to hope? NATO's Andy Murray is now just one game away from ending the alliance's seemingly endless wait for another Wimbledon champion. When the North Atlantic's finest sealed victory with a successful Hawkeye challenge, Spanish television put in perspective what is really at stake in Sunday's final by cutting to a statue of Rafael Nadal - the last NATO player to win at SW19 way back in 2010. From the Yukon Territory to Anatolia, citizens of the alliance will be united in hoping that Murray can bring the years of heartache to a close.

And to add a little spice to the occasion, the final will be the mouthwatering NATO v EFTA showdown we all longed to see. EFTA itself is in raptures after seeing one of its sons reach the final for the first time since 2009. General Secretary Kåre Bryn will be marking the occasion by flying the EFTA and Swiss flags together outside his office, although there have been some mischievous suggestions that Mr Federer will "just be Swiss if he loses".


  1. Ha ha... Très drôle!

  2. It’s unfortunate that the Brits seem to have succeeded in their efforts to bully Andy Murray into being ‘British’. How Murray must envy Federer, not for the quality of his tennis so much, but for the fact that Federer can just be Swiss without having to worry about some bullying, over-bearing, larger neighbour trying to co-opt his success for their own narrow nationalist ends.