Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Political Betting guest post on the Yes campaign

I happened to mention on PB yesterday that I was vaguely planning to write a blogpost on the reported 'divisions' within the Yes campaign, and someone challenged me to submit it to Mike Smithson as a potential guest post instead. You can see the results HERE.

As a disclaimer, I should point out that James Mackenzie has just told me that I've got the Greens' position all wrong (although I probably would have been disappointed if he hadn't). If that's correct, it might be because the Greens' use of language on this subject is so frustratingly elliptical at times. James claims the Greens' objections have nothing whatever to do with 'policy' - but am I the only person who can recall Patrick Harvie insisting that the Yes campaign needed to inspire people with a much more radical prospectus for independence?


  1. It's hard to pin down the Greens' position but it does seem to be this:

    "The Yes campaign should be campaigning on our prospectus of policies that we would implement if we won the election after independence. Since these policies get our juices flowing it is obviously going to secure a majority in the general populace, as our own popularity proves. By the way did I mention independence probably doesnt even have majority support with our membership. Also, the SNP smells of wee."

  2. MORI Scotland VI has been released -
    Holyrood intention (with change from May 2011)
    SNP 45% (NC)
    Lab 32% (NC)
    Con 12% (-2%)
    Lib 6% (-2%)
    Green 2% (NA)
    Indy 1% (NA)

    5 years into government and SNP still apparently at the same level as the May 2011 election.