Friday, February 3, 2012

SNP lead over Labour punctures the stratosphere

As promised, here are the Ipsos-Mori voting intention figures for Holyrood, which show that the SNP's lead has increased from 25 to a record-breaking 26 points. If only we'd been seeing numbers like these at this time last year, we'd all have had a much more relaxing election campaign!

SNP 49% (-2)
Labour 23% (-3)
Conservatives 13% (+1)
Liberal Democrats 10% (+2)
Others 5% (+1)

For some reason, Ipsos-Mori's own report on the poll gives more prominence to the slip in Alex Salmond's personal satisfaction ratings, although at +22 it remains the stuff of dreams for all the other leaders at both Scottish and UK level. To put it in perspective, PB Tory posters were recently crowing about how well David Cameron was doing with a GB-wide satisfaction rating of minus 1! In Scotland, Cameron's rating stands at a dismal -28. All the Holyrood opposition leaders also have negative ratings, although Johann Lamont fares marginally better than Ruth Davidson and Willie Rennie, who are both at -12.


  1. Re : deleted comment from Livescore. Thankyou for complimenting me on my gorgeous dress and fabulous fabric choice - you're not the first to mention it, even if I do say so myself. Yes, I'm sure London has great fabric shops and lovely vintage social events, but no, I'm not sad about moving to London, because I'm not actually planning to move to London.

  2. I admire your persistence, Livescore, but I really can't permit you to keep showering me with these compliments.

  3. Don't you go thinking that you're the only one to get Livescore's attention.

    Oh no, indeed!

    I too have had the same compliment and I'd just like to say that I'm touched and a little dewey eyed.

    Edinburgh, of course, is the only place to be, as the vintage fabric there has to be seen to be believed.

    Only 50 points between the popularity of the First Minister and the Prime Sinister.

    That's an easy catch up for someone as trained in PR as Mr Cameron.

  4. But not an easy catch up for some that is a slimy unlikeable shit, such as Mr Cameron.

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