Tuesday, August 9, 2011

To what do I owe the honour this time?

I've just spotted another visit to this blog from Tucson, Arizona (ie. Mr Kevin Baker) on my stats. Now, of course we all know that the great man is ordinarily far too busy Crusading For Liberty to grace us lesser mortals with his presence, so the obvious question - to what do I owe the honour this time? A couple of weeks ago it was the Norwegian atrocity, this time it must be...of course, it's the riots in London. Presumably I'm supposed to have come to my senses by now and realised that things would be so much better if only the rioters had easy access to firearms.

And sure enough, here's the Baker post saying pretty much that. Jeez - is there any social ill that can't be instantly solved for us by an influx of these barbarous weapons?


  1. Pretty easy to see the social ills that come from taking them away, doesn't it?

  2. Ah, you mean a murder rate three times lower than the United States? Funny kind of social "ill" if you ask me, but each to his own.

  3. Yipee y'all. If all these there English folks had just had themselves guns, they couda protected their propery jus' lack back home in good ol' Texas. Yes Siree, Yeeee haaa.

    Ah say sir, then o'course them kids what was causin' all that there runmpus coulda run off back home to their daddy's gun cupboard and loaded up with some amo and gone an doggone blasted the hell outa them business owners, oh yes siree, just lak they wouda been an' gone an' done in this great country of ours... what'd y'all say to that now? Hot diggedy!

    Or words to that effect, and with apologies to Mrs S Palin.

    Seriously, the reason that, despite the lawlessness, only two people (as far as I know) have died, is that people find it very difficult to get their hands on a gun.

    Yes, there are burnt out shops, cars and yes there has been looting, but there are not many dead bodies lying around

    If we had a poll here, the only people who would want guns are the criminals and nut cases...both the same people mostly.

    Tell you what Mr Baker, you keep your system and we won't complain how MANY of your people die in gun incidents. On this side of the Atlantic we will keep our systems, and you don't complain how FEW of our people die in gun incidents.


  4. Sorry, can't hear you over the sound of your building burning and riots in your "Safe" streets.

  5. It is clear that the irresponsible websites have a large part to play in this. Allowing troublemakers to use the internet to arrange riots should not be allowed.


  6. "Sorry, can't hear you over the sound of your building burning and riots in your "Safe" streets."

    Weer'd, just remind me - how many gun homicides have taken place in the US in the two hours and twenty minutes since you wrote that comment? That'll probably be the sound you can hear - what with the greater proximity and everything.

  7. How many were shot by your police?

    How many private homes and private citizens were recorded by CCTV Cameras?

    How many people were searched without cause?

  8. Weer'd, I have a feeling I'm going to shock you now. I am opposed to black youths being stopped and searched without cause. I am opposed to the proliferation of CCTV cameras. And I most certainly am opposed to unnecessary shootings by police officers.

    None of which detracts from my view (or indeed has anything to do with it one way or another) that we're a hell of a lot better off without an influx of countless millions of deadly firearms.

    Next question?