Friday, July 22, 2011

Tom Harris' definition of the lunatic fringe : nationalists, socialists, and Ed Miliband

Tom Harris' latest piece for Labour Hame is actually quite sensible in parts (well, even a broken clock is accurate twice a day), but I had to laugh at this sentence at the beginning -

"Whatever those conclusions [of Labour's internal review] are, we can be sure of at least a few facts in advance: every single SNP member without exception will dismiss them out of hand, Ed Miliband will say they’re great, and Labour’s hard left will complain that the review doesn’t mention the renationalisation of the railways."

Now, given that he's a right-of-centre career Nat-basher, it's no great surprise to learn that Harris perceives the nationalists and the "hard left" as being parts of the lunatic fringe whose views can be safely treated as meaningless background noise. But throwing in his own party leader for good measure? Oh dear. I think we can safely conclude that Tom genuinely isn't eyeing a triumphant return to the Labour frontbench as Shadow Minister for Lightbulb Acquisition.

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