Thursday, July 7, 2011

A critic of the Murdoch empire? Get out of your parents' basement and GROW UP.

When a UK news story makes headlines across the Atlantic, it's always entertaining to read right-wing reaction on the online comments threads. Over at the CNN website, there seems to be a pro-Murdoch/Fox News rebuttal squad in operation, although trying to work out the exact relationship of the 'rebuttal' to the comment being 'rebutted' is something of a challenge. A few choice examples...

BinaryTruth : Fox News Channel is the greatest domestic terrorist threat in America today.

jerrycc : I just read about America's lost generation of boys in their 20's languishing away in their parents basements playing video games, surfing the web and refusing to work or grow up. I guess you do exist.

A nerve was hit, I think we can conclude.

Monkeynuts : Hugh Grant should get a knighthood for some of the interviews he's given in the last few days. The man's a genius.

GDINY2 : Here in the US, a knight is a piece on a chessboard and not some effete, callow schmuck who has to be called "sir" to establish his masculinity. Try moving out of the middle ages, limey.

Chess? Masculinity? What? But no, absolutely, let's move out of the middle ages and become an egalitarian country, America.

cummings01 : What has happened to the Britain I knew and loved?

jerrycc : Socialism destroyed Britain a long time ago.

Quite right. If you want to know how the media in Britain came to be completely dominated by a single right-wing Australian billionaire, look no further than "socialism".


  1. I was wondering what Hugh Grant had to do with it.

    Does he play chess?

    Or is he a knight?

    I do sometimes read these threads, often on Youtube, and I have to say that some people's idea of what "socialism" is doesn't quite match my definition.

  2. No wonder they felt they had to rubbish Hugh Grant, Tris - he'd just called their beloved Margaret Thatcher an "undignified sycophant".

    Always assuming they don't regard Lady Thatcher herself as a socialist, of course, which is always a distinct possibility.

  3. Hugh Grant was on Channel 4 News as his phone had been hacked. He gave a very good interview about this sorry saga.

    Closing down the NOTW and setting up a new paper will only be like rearranging of the deck chair on the Titanic. The same people will still be in charge. This problem for NI will not go away just because you close the paper down.

  4. Yes, a nerve was struck. That's WHY I write comments in the first place.