Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Some people just don’t get non-tribal voting..."

Albeit at the severe risk of turning this blog into Plato-Watch, it's hard to resist reposting another exchange from Political Betting, because this one really took the biscuit. For the uninitiated, Plato is an extremely right-wing poster who is as supportive of the Tory party as, for example, I am of the SNP. But she curiously feels that her views should carry more weight than others, because she is a "floating voter", a "neutral" and "exactly the sort of person Labour has to win back if it is ever to hold office again". For the avoidance of doubt, this claim of neutrality is in no sense an 'ironic' thing - she becomes genuinely prickly when anyone casts doubt on it.

Anyway, this is what unfolded yesterday evening...

Chris g00 : I thought you had said that there were major changes, but that’s fine by me. Just remember if we ever get a Labour government back & they bring in guillotine motions, your attitude today.

But on that note. Adios.

Plato : "if we ever get a Labour government back"

Won’t be my vote.

Me : "Ever"? Could you - somehow - explain how that remark can possibly be reconciled with your repeated and apparently serious claims to be a “floating voter”?

Tim B : Go for it JK!

I’m somewhat curious about that myself.

Plato : Some people just don’t get non-tribal voting.

My views have never really changed - the parties and leaders have shifted about in an attempt to win mine and I voted accordingly.


Me : "Some people just don’t get non-tribal voting."

Must be, because - call me wacky - I would define ‘non-tribal voting’ as being open to voting for a party if circumstances change, rather than, for example, saying that you would never, ever vote for a Labour government, as you have just done.

Incidentally, I had to reconstruct my first comment from memory as it has since been 'mysteriously' deleted.  My own fault, though - I should have called her a "t******b" or a "g*******z" and then I would have been absolutely fine.


  1. The idea that Plato is non-aligned is just absurd. During the Tory Party conference, she posted everytime a senior Tory took the stand, and drooled over everything they said.

    Congratulations over exposing that fraud.


    How about a regular PB watch.

  2. "drooled over everything they said"

    Another favourite of mine is the way she styles herself a "coalitionista", but then becomes mortally offended at the Lib Dems' confounded presumption in thinking that they should have some input into government policy. It seems Plato's idea of coalition give-and-take is that the Tories "compromise" by giving the Lib Dems ministerial positions, and the Lib Dems "compromise" by adhering to every detail of the Tory manifesto!