Wednesday, May 4, 2011

YouGov : 56% of public want SNP to either have more seats, or same number won in 2007

I now know the answer to my own question from the previous post - the rumoured final YouGov poll of the campaign appears to have been privately commissioned by the Green party. They haven't released the voting intention figures (or at least not yet), but have instead published the results of a supplementary question, which reminded respondents of the seat totals in 2007, and asked them if they'd like each party to win more seats, the same, or fewer this time round. The press release does its level best to convince us that the Greens come out on top on that measure, but looking at the detailed figures that's in fact highly debatable - 40% of respondents want the SNP to win more than their previous tally of forty-seven seats, compared to just 34% who want the Greens to win more than their current two seats.

The good news is that all the other parties come out worse - only 31% want Labour to win more than the forty-six seats they held at dissolution, while as many as 41% want them to win fewer seats. So the message is clear - the public want the SNP to win this election. But do they realise that the way to get that desired outcome is to vote SNP on the regional list ballot? Unless the Greens release the voting intention figures, we'll have to wait until Friday to find out.

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