Thursday, May 5, 2011

Colour coding genius, and a grand polling day for ducks

Well, what a wizard idea it was to make the referendum ballot paper grey. I almost put it in the wrong ballot box because it was barely distinguishable from the faded lilac paper in the gloom, but that's as nothing compared to what's happening in England - apparently the local election ballot papers are white. So no danger of confusion there! Reports are also surfacing of polling station staff not handing over referendum ballot papers unless specifically requested to do so - which if true ought to cause a monumental stooshie, but will probably be glossed over as per usual.

One thing that interested me was to see how well the 'Alex Salmond for First Minister' description stood out this time - after all, unlike 2007 it wasn't at the top of the ballot paper for alphabetical reasons, and wasn't the sole wording in the SNP box. But to my surprise I think it actually was quite eye-catching - probably because most other parties didn't bother with an additional description.

As for myself, I've spent part of polling day being royally entertained by right-wing Tories (ie. the most natural of all Yes to AV voters) who assure me that my 'arrogance' in pointing out the lies of the No campaign has single-handedly persuaded them all to "switch from Yes to No" at the last minute. Now, obviously I'll be gutted to be solely responsible for any defeat, but I can't deny it's rather thrilling to discover that I unwittingly wield such enormous power. Even better, one of the "Yes voters" I alienated was none other than Martin Coxall, the former Tory council candidate who you may remember had his fifteen seconds of fame last year after donning a John Prescott mask, allegedly assualting two female Labour party workers, and being arrested for his troubles. Yup, these are quality votes I've been squandering.

Last but not least, I have a nagging worry there may be something symbolic about a campaign of glorious weather that concludes with a polling day of relentless drizzle. Let's hope it's not a grey day presaging a Gray outcome...


  1. T'is the end of a Gray period of politics in Scotland.

  2. James, It's been warm and sunny in East Lothian today---no grey drizzle. Does that make you feel better?

    PS Nothing more from Marcia on postal votes?

  3. I'd posit that wet weather was bad news for Labour, and good news for Cons and Lib Dems. Neutral for the SNP.

    But that may just be unfounded tittle tattle? All adds to the fun though.

  4. By the way was wee Doogie involved in setting up the colour codes for the various ballot papaers?

    Or was it a self inflicted F Up a bot like Lord Marshall who wiped all of British Airways Logos off the tailfins and replaced them with World Art. The Ground Controllers kept on mixing BA aircraft on the ground with charter flights.

    Turns out Lord Marshall was colour blind, honestly.

  5. Andrew

    25 C today here and the Bollie is flowing. A bottle of Henriot in the fridge for breakfast of eggs and smoked haddies

  6. Ezio Auditore da Firenze - Alex Salmond for First MinisterMay 5, 2011 at 10:17 PM

    Here's wishing you a good election night, James! Let's hope we'll be raising a glass to toast SNP victory and a pro-independence majority!

  7. Ah well, James, it will make a change from blaming Cleggy.

    The colours were very poor, and almost indistinguishable. They looked like they were various shades of grey.

    I suspect they were trying to save money after spending it all on that ridiculous farce last week.

    Have a good night James. I'm pretty convinced we will do well. Just not as well as we'd hoped.

    Andrew: I suspect that Marcia is sworn to secrecy!!

    Stuart: I think that story dates from way back when the Tories could go to the polls in their cars and the Labour voters had to walk, thus the rain was more likely to keep the Labour votes at home. I suspect that that's likely to be less true now... but yeah, it all adds to the fun.

  8. Yes, that does make me feel better, Andrew! Cheers, Tris, Stuart, Ezio, Lord Snooty, and best of luck to all of you who have been out campaigning!

  9. Now for the examination of the postal votes for Labour in Jackie Baillie's and Iain Gray's seats.

    Final nail in the coffin?