Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scotland through to world curling final

I was hoping/dreading (delete as appropriate) that we might have another Holyrood opinion poll overnight, but as that doesn't seem to be the case I'll instead say a quick congratulations to Tom Brewster and his Scotland team for reaching the final of the world curling championships in Canada - they defeated Thomas Ulsrud's formidable Norwegian rink in an extra end within the last hour.  We can take particular satisfaction from this result given that the Swedish skip, watching from the sidelines, was undiplomatically keen to write Scotland off...

"Edin’s troops will now prepare for Sunday’s bronze-medal game at 12 noon against the semi-final loser.

“I think Norway will win for sure so we are expecting to play Scotland,” said Edin. “Norway has really stepped up its game by 10 per cent over the Scottish team.""

It's hard to be hugely optimistic about tomorrow's final against the host nation given that Canada have already beaten Scotland twice this week, and with a bit to spare on both occasions.  However, Brewster and his inexperienced team have already handsomely exceeded expectations.  And if by any chance Scotland do win, there's one obvious question - will the Canadians play God Save the Queen in our 'honour' once again?! 

UPDATE : Alex Massie, who celebrated the Scottish women's team's semi-final triumph over Canada last year in admirably restrained fashion with the words "take that moose-munchers, now for the Krauts", is rather more bullish about our chances in the final...

"OK, Great Satan you have beaten Truth, Honesty, Goodness & Virtue twice this tournament but the Final must be ours, OK?"


  1. Congratulations for getting to the finals against stiff competition.

    Fingers crossed; wouldn't it be just great! But someone should tell them that GSTQ is for England... describing the Scots as enemies, as it does in one of the unsung verses, and proving that it is, in fact, the English National Anthem.

    Er, Mr Massie has a way with words does he not?

  2. Indeed he does!

    It's incredible to think the SRU regarded God Save the Queen as our anthem until a couple of decades ago.