Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let's go fly a kite, up to the highest height

All this "invitation to join the government of Britain" business, the solemn launch against a stark industrial background, the 'little blue book' that really does look like a terribly sober induction guide for eager new recruits to the civil service...somehow I couldn't get out of my head a scene from Mary Poppins. You know the bit where the bank manager tries to 'inspire' the young boy Michael with thoughts of all the things he'll have a stake in if he will just hand his money over to them -

"You see, Michael, you'll be part of
Railways through Africa
Dams across the Nile
Fleets of ocean greyhounds
Majestic, self-amortizing canals
Plantations of ripening tea
All from tuppence, prudently
Fruitfully, frugally invested
In the, to be specific,
In the Dawes, Tomes
Mousely, Grubbs
Fidelity Fiduciary Bank!"

In which case, this is the cue for the electorate to run away, clutching their ballot papers tightly, shouting "but I don't want to join the government of Britain! I want to use this to feed the birds!"

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  1. You've nailed it, James, I've always said Cameron's public school accent didn't sound quite right. Another Dick Van Dyke job.