Monday, February 8, 2010

Location, location, location

Rather amusing to see Tom Harris take one his blog's regular SNP posters to task for criticising a Labour MP on the grounds of having once served as a councillor well away from his current constituency. Harris observes - "you come across this nonsense a lot: only someone who has lived in a constituency all his life is deemed suitable as its MP".

Quite so. After all, for the last time we all 'came across this nonsense' we only have to cast our minds back three months or so to the Glasgow NE by-election, when Labour supporters (well, let's call a spade a spade - Kezia Dugdale) set off on a comical crusade to establish that the maternity ward where SNP candidate David Kerr was born in 1973 may have been - horrors - just outside the constituency boundaries, thereby apparently rendering his candidacy totally unsuitable!


  1. Well, that's Kezia Dugdale for you. Working with Lord George has obviously rubbed off on her, and trivia is the name of her game...

    Honest Kezia, the ordinary man or woman in the street, or elsewhere for that matter, isn't interested, not even a tiny wee bit about where a bloke was born. They care a lot more about whether he's actually going to do anything more than collect his salary and stick his trotters in the trough.

    Jeez these people really are the limit.

  2. Kezia is no longer the worst.

    Look at Yousuf Hamid's latest offering. Laughable.