Saturday, April 11, 2009

Your starter for ten

How refreshing it is to at long last be able to get back to the innocent pleasures of AM2-watch, I've been having withdrawal symptoms. This week the self-styled Alpha Male of Scottish political blogging plays Bamber Gascoigne (what fun) and challenges his readers to spot that the current economic crisis is truly global. In the light of which, he suggests it is a "rhetorical inanity" for Alex Salmond to claim that the fate of Scottish banks "is a legacy of the Union". But has it been any less inane for so many people (not naming any names of course) to conveniently attempt to re-cast a global crisis as a Scottish-made problem that can only ever be addressed by a British-made rescue?

As I'm feeling generous, a small tip for AM2/Scottish Unionist - if he's ever looking for a particularly outstanding example of "rhetorical inanity", I do seem to recall an astonishingly ill-advised use of the expression "game over" a few weeks back...

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  1. Ahem, do tell him that Canadian banks posted profits for the past financial year. Oddly enough most of them were founded by Scots and uphold traditional Scottish banking values...