Tuesday, March 3, 2009

SNP hypocrites must either allow cheap cider - or ban Robert Burns

As I noted on Twitter earlier, some absolutely dream coverage for the SNP government from the London-based media, all thanks to the bold plans to tackle Scotland's appalling record of alcohol-related deaths, crime and disorder. So much so, in fact, that Newsnight Scotland seemed to feel the need to balance things out by at least nominally presenting a more negative slant, which they did in monumentally contrived fashion. Apparently - see if you can follow this - the SNP are sending out mixed messages by supporting the year of Homecoming, which celebrates the anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns, who it is rumoured may have liked the odd drink or two. Indeed, he may even have mentioned drink once or twice in his poetry.

Is that it? I think even I could have come up with a more convincing example of "SNP hypocrisy" than that!

1 comment:

  1. A better exampe of SNP hypocracy? - try Sir George Marheison.

    The drink tax on the poor is not so much hypocracy as potical stupidity. Grom the Government that brought us LIT, and then didnt

    Their funeral - even in its heyday their were guy few votes in temperance - outsode the Western Isles and Cathcasrt.

    Go live their Kenny - and take Nicola with you

    Scottish Republicans to power! - fueled on Buckie!