Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mauve pigs spotted on Jupiter. In other news, Muriel Gray might vote SNP.

I know it's high time I gave the AM2-bashing a miss, but I can't help but be amused that he actually chose to draw attention to Muriel Gray's article in the Sunday Herald. OK, her stated disdain for the CyberNats was understandably music to the ears of the self-styled 'Alpha Male' of Scottish political blogging, but anyone who remembers Ms Gray's hysterical remarks about the SNP during the 2007 election campaign will instantly spot the true significance of the article. The fact that she's evidently toying with the idea of voting SNP is truly extraordinary!


  1. She's obviously been elbowed by the new labour hierarchy that's for sure!

    Can't bear the woman and her cocky attitude. When she was younger she was good on radio but she hasn't matured well. Must be the company she's been keeping.

  2. Who realy gives a toss about who this yoyo opinion former intends to vote for?

    Is there a party she hasnt?

    About as relevant to 21st century scotland a Lulu. As loyal to her ideals as Kilroy-Silk

    It is why the cash strapped Sunday Herald pays her good money to write mince that surpises me.

    As credible an opinion former as Sir George Matheison is a Scottish Governmet Economic adivsor. But not quite as expensive

    And I think she pays taxes

  3. "the self-styled 'Alpha Male' of Scottish political blogging, "

    James for a minute i thought that was me you were on about !!

    The only reason people go on about the cyberNats is because it rhymes, if anyone reads the forums on the Newspapers then they will notice the vast majority of comments are posted by a few very highly vocal and fanatical bigoted unionists.

    They post peoples personal details, set up disgusting blogs, ( The Scottish onion blog), fake other users, troll 24/7, and only yesterday one unionist bigot had has posts removed.

  4. Gosh and to think I remember her stoating about in her peroxided flummery sticking her tongue down Pat "Pat Kane" Kane's throat when she was campaigning for him to be the SNP rector of Glasgow Uni in the late 1980's.

    I understand AM2 also attended GU at the same time, perhaps he harbours some residual resentment that she failed to praise his union jack underpants, naturally worn on the outside of his trousers.

  5. Oh and i nearly forgot. They troll other blogs and never leave any comments but prefer to shuffle back to their own little warped world and post dross.

  6. Ahoy, full house..

  7. A wee bit like John Michie of Taggart fame who seems to appear for whoever offers the biggest fee, or the best dinner. What a tube.

    The cotton bud has a pop at Cyber Nats, does that mean she has a built in filter for Cyber Brit Nats, or is she trying to woo New Labour who will doubtless come running to her door now to smother her in platitudes, eeeuch, who cares.

    Although I did enjoy her Munroe series.

  8. If you want to read Muriel Gray's, "dark secret forces", comments on independence go and have a look at an old page of the Herald.

    If you want to read her explanation why she never really was a nationalist go and read an old piece of hers from the Sunday Herald.

    Classic out-takes include, "sharing in the wealth that our Scottish chancellor in Westminster has skilfully nurtured over the last nine years", the continuation of her theme that nationalism is driven by religious nutters, "But if the God botherers want us cut off to fulfil their own agenda", and her spot on prediction made in 18/11/2006, "it’s odds on that nothing too earth-shattering will happen in the May elections"

    It's very sad. I used to admire her before I realised that she was a credulous, labour-loving conspiracy nut.

  9. She might have to vote Scottish Unionist then since he is over half the "nat cyber-thugs" anyway.

    He sets up false accounts and pretends to be the stereotypical anti-English nat so he can then complain aboyt his sock puppets.

    I'm surprised no one knows this.