Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Not quite the language of the angels, but...

This is obviously not the moment to be writing about politics following the tragic death of David Cameron's son (although Gerri Peev can't resist having a pointless dig at a perfectly sympathetic comment from a Labour MP), so I thought instead I'd belatedly take up Brian Barker's invitation and spend a surreal half-an-hour listening to some pop music sung in Esperanto. Unfortunately for me I made the mistake of starting with the 'cheesy' music (I'm not sure 'cheesy' quite covers it - who is this guy?) but then I moved on to the main course which is a bit more like it.

Sadly, I think the moment for a 'neutral' language becoming the international lingua franca has long passed - if there is any hope of English not becoming completely dominant it lies in the political/economic rise of China, or in the possibility of the USA becoming de facto bilingual in English and Spanish (no wonder such a prospect terrifies so many people).

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  1. Surely the long-term solution of the language problem, in the European Parliament, must be a non-national language!

    This is why I would plea for the Esperanto solution.

    If you have time please check the global language, Esperanto website on