Monday, February 9, 2009

My question has been answered

I wondered aloud in an earlier post how AM2/Scottish Unionist would deal with the unacceptable reality of increasing support for independence in the latest TNS System Three poll, and now I have my answer. He hasn't ignored it, he simply doesn't feel the mere results of the poll are terribly important or worthy of comment - apparently it's the SNP's reaction to the poll that is far more newsworthy! He's got a versatile range of moves, I'll give him that.

Anyway I've now gone straight to the horse's mouth with my challenge to him to simply update his earlier table of poll results, so if he lets my comment past moderation we'll see how he talks his way out of this one. I suspect it might involve some entertainingly inventive sophistry.

UPDATE : I actually completely misread AM2's post. Incredibly, he's not complaining about the SNP's own reaction to the poll, but rather that of TNS System Three's managing director Chris Eynon. Apparently by pointing out the blindingly obvious fact that his company's polls are somewhat positive for independence, this means that he's somehow outed himself as a Nationalist. Therefore his company's polls have no credibility whatsoever and the rather inconvenient figures they contain can be safely discounted. So in that case why did you include the earlier TNS System Three polls in your 'busted flush' table, AM2?

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