Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another slippery slope to separation

I was slightly amused to see's Mike Smithson call for a move towards England-only opinion polls. The logic for this is impeccable, as no-one can deny political trends in Scotland bear at best a very weak resemblance to those south of the border, and therefore GB-wide polls will always give a slightly distorted picture of the pro-Tory swing that can be expected in English seats at the next election. But can you imagine the reaction of the usual suspects if this came to pass? Would Scottish Unionist start a rearguard "Keep Our Polls British!" campaign? He might even resort to quoting Burns again...or how about John Major?

"Wake up! The United Kingdom is in danger..."


  1. interesting post,

    Keep them British too I say. I've made a lot of dosh out of UK wide bookies who use UK wide ( effectvely engish) polls to determine their local odds in Scottish seats come general eection time

    Keep them ignorant and stupid i say

  2. Oh Aye We Can, you cynic you. I'm all for England having their own polls, why not. They also deserve their own parliament and we deserve a parliament with full powers.