Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Bombshell poll from Redfield & Wilton shows support for holding an independence referendum IN THE NEXT YEAR

There doesn't seem to have been a full-scale Scottish poll on independence for over a month - OK, it's summer, but I wouldn't be surprised if such polls continue to be thin on the ground for the rest of 2021, unless the SNP start injecting some urgency.  However what we do have, weirdly, is a Britain-wide poll on the subject - the rough equivalent of a Europe-wide poll on whether Brexit is a good idea and whether it should have been 'allowed' to happen.

Redfield & Wilton Strategies found 29% of the GB public in favour of independence, and 33% opposed to it - roughly a 47-53 split with neutrals stripped out.  Far more interesting is of course the Scottish subsample, which shows 40% in favour and 41% opposed - essentially a dead heat, which is better than the last couple of full-scale Scottish polls, although the small size of a subsample means the findings are much less reliable.

One unusual feature of the poll is that there are figures for people who identify as Scottish, irrespective of where in Britain they live.  These should provide a warning for Tories and unionist commentators hankering after a blood-and-soil franchise for the next indyref, because Scottish identifiers are much more strongly supportive of independence and an early independence referendum than other groups.  53% want a referendum in the next year and 35% don't.  However, even among the actual indyref franchise (people who live in Scotland regardless of their national identity), there is a plurality in favour of a referendum in the next year, working out at roughly 52% in favour when neutrals are removed.  That rather helpfully gives the lie to Councillor Hunter's provocative comments of the other day.

Incidentally, the supposedly poor personal ratings for Nicola Sturgeon commented upon recently appear to come from another GB-wide Redfield & Wilton poll, so can essentially be disregarded.

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Scot Goes Pop poll fundraising update:  We're kind of in no-man's-land at present - a substantial amount of money has been raised, but we're still quite a way short of where we'll need to be to make a full-scale poll happen.  I know some will say I shouldn't have used the Scot Goes Pop general fundraiser to seek the funds, because that makes it harder for people to keep track of how much has specifically been raised for the poll, but there would also have been substantial downsides to running two different fundraisers simultaneously.  Rest assured I'm not going to leave the job half-done, the poll will definitely happen sooner or later, it's just a question of when.  If you haven't donated yet and would like to speed things up, please click HERE.  To give you a rough idea, the £5500 required for the type of poll we've run in the past will have been raised when the running total on the general fundraiser is a little above £13,000.  For a cheaper option (which may be more realistic at this stage), the running total will have to be slightly in excess of £11,000 at an absolute minimum.


  1. In other news. I see that US gymnast, simon bile, suffers from ADHD and won 6 medals in 2016 while imbibing a Million times more banned stimulants than Alain Baxter accidentaly imbibed through a legal lipsalve, leading to the loss of his medal.

    Of course famous black american women are victims in need of special treatment compared to the evil white supremacist Scotsman.

    Not that I'm bitter or anything, but the UK Olympic team management didn't lift a finger to prevent the theft of Scotland's first Skiing medal.

  2. Is it just me but does the independence debate seem like something that has crawled under a stone and died?
    As for the SNP Government pandering to secret royal lobbying to exempt the queen from environmental legislation, it simply beggars belief. The SNP's time has come and gone, they need swept out of power and a 10 year rebuild programme.

  3. Interesting to see the your old enemy, Tiny Michael smearing Craig Murray and the good Rev.

    Strange sort of democrat who supports journalists being imprisoned by political appointees working for a corrupt government proven guilty of repeatedly breaching our fundamental Human Rights.

    He is also incapable of counting. Apparently TRS has retired to spend his £800,000 raised over the past 10 years. Running a website isn't free, those donor benefits were not free, the WBB wasn't free and paying a living wage for a basic 36 hour week eats up a third of that income before any taxes or pensions are included.

    Then again you and he both know this, given how much money his site loses every year.

    Meanwhile another person is living in his own house with his wealthy husband paid for by his cult members and not a word of condemnation from our brave hero.

    He is a very sad jealous microscopic excuse for a man.

    1. I don't know if it's too early in the day, but who is Tiny Michael? I thought you meant Smithson at first, but I can't see anything on Stormfront Lite.

    2. Communicating solely using stupid nicknames might make it difficult for anyone to understand what you're gibbering on about, but at least it's very, very witty.