Tuesday, June 9, 2020

VIDEO: Preview of Tuesday night's results from the Scot Goes Pop poll


  1. I should like to protest about the way in which GWC has abused the steadfast independence poster William Purves on the second last thread.
    May I be assured that firm action will be taken against him?

  2. If only. (Who would possibly want to impersonate the Clown? If anything, I suspect he himself has been busy in that department.)

    But alas he's lately been joined by a bunch of (mostly anonymous) trolls who have evidently decided to react to the (for them) ongoing bad news by playing the only miserable hand they have left: desperately trying to stoke up splitterism and dissent.

  3. I've been asked to let people know about the wedding dinner. Lovely 4 course. I sat opposite Hebbie and Phyllis. There was a couple from Forfar on my right and of course Kitty was on my left. The Forfar couple were very nice and rememberef Hebbie from Andy's funeral. Mr and Mrs Wilson were next to Phyllis and a young couple called Stewart and Stacey were next to Hebbie. The Stacey one was a bit affected which is ridiculous when you think she's from Buckie. Stewart was a very nice chap but kept jumping up and down to go out for a cigarette between courses. I couldn't tell who was sitting next to Roddy and Eva.