Monday, July 3, 2017

Live stream

Just a very quick note to let you know I took part in a live stream on Independence Live earlier today, answering questions on a variety of topics related to the current political situation.  You can watch it HERE.


  1. Couldn't listen past the indy polling stuff. That interference was awful.

    Good points up to then though.

  2. The sound quality isn't that great, but what I was able to hear was good.

    The point regarding independence support slipping in recent polls I absolutely agree with. The hammering of the SNP and independence in the election campaign, with very little response from the SNP, is going to have a negative effect on support for independence. The drop is support has happened between the local elections and the general election - showing that it's clearly something that's happened because of the campaign.

    The thing that independence supporters can take heart with is that despite the slip the unionist lead is averaging at 13.2% (over the last five polls), compared to 10.6% difference in the referendum.

    Independence support is staying surprisingly solid despite the SNP not really campaigning for it and the also exclusivity of opposing independence in the campaigns of the unionist parties.

    This gives me hope that if/when a referendum happens, and the SNP become focused on independence again, support will rise. The same thing happened in 2014, once people started to listen to the arguments for independence - support rose.