Saturday, May 6, 2017

The vastly over-hyped Scottish Tory surge

Just a quick note to let you know that I have new article in The National, which takes a look at the SNP's local election victory, points out that the Tory comeback has its limitations, and asks whether the SNP may have suppressed its own turnout by focusing so relentlessly on local issues.  You can read the article HERE.


  1. Still can't find a breakdown of total first preference votes, Scotland-wide. Unless we look at the results of 2012. *rolls eyes*

  2. The snp election broadcast and leaflets were all about local issues. It's almost like they care about the election. This is a good thing

    1. I've already said it was the morally virtuous thing to do. But we get our reward for virtue and purity in heaven, and not always in the ballot box.

  3. By focusing on location issues regardless of an alleged "admission" that the GE, not the local elections, were a tacit referendum on holding a referendum the SNP left it up to those advocating that position to win a majority of the seats. Which they failed to do.

    By not engaging in that stupidity the SNP won by default.

  4. I added up the first preference votes for Edinburgh.
    SNP 49798 27.33%
    Labour & labourCoop 32720 17.96%
    FTP No Surrender 50030 27.46%
    LibDem 25154 13.81%
    Green 22907 12.57%
    Ind 1440 0.79%
    Ukip 134 0.07%
    Total Votes 182183

    Curious vote change in Morningside from 2012. Labour didn't stand last time, did this time round, and it's the only ward where the FTP No Surrender GSTQ party lost vote share.

  5. Unionists of all colours know the Nat sis are right wing and follow conservative policies...
    The aim now for all Unionists is to expose the Nat sis for their deceit and convince all Unionists that they should be prepared to vote accordingly to retain the Union. The anti Tory crap from the the Nat sis is being slowly exposed and they know it. The scum will now retreat into their drainpipes and perhaps we will have an indyref5!

  6. Yes parties - 37% of seats

    Unionist parties - 49% of seats

    Considering it was a PR election, that's a unionist victory.

    Yes, a UNIONIST victory - let that sink in!

    1. What do you mean, "considering it was a PR election"?

      It was a PR election and unionist parties failed to take 50% of the seats.

      If it had not been a PR election, unionist parties would have been even further from taking 50% of the seats, because first-past-the-post heavily favours the winning party (which was the SNP, in case you need reminding).

      What's your point, Aldo?

    2. 276 + 262 +67 = 605 < 1227 / 2 = 613.5

      Given the stated aim was to pretend to gain a veto over the legal authority Holyrood has to hold referenda narrowly fails to hit the target. The so called unionist parties were the ones wanting to stop the referendum. The SNP and Greens already had a mandate to hold one and weren't campaigning to do so.

    3. The point made by Aldo is irrelevant however the over two million who voted to remain in the Union is relevant. And the lack of respect by you Nat si fascists for this two million is and will remain your Achilles. You also thought the Scots would swally your crap about brexit bring a reason for a further referendum. Go home and think again fash.