Monday, October 27, 2014

Housekeeping note : we have a small problem

If you've left a comment on this blog over the last few days, you'll probably have been asked to complete a word verification process.  I haven't the faintest idea why this is happening.  I thought maybe I had hit something accidentally, but I checked the settings and found that word verification was still (theoretically) disabled.  I switched it on and back off again in the hope that might resolve the problem, but it didn't work.  I was going to suggest that signing into a Google account before you comment might be a way round it, but as far as I can see even if you do that you're still faced with the word verification requirement.

Obviously this isn't good news for the blog, because the hassle is likely to deter at least some people from leaving comments.  I've already seen one person on Twitter say they've been put off.  So if anyone knows what the hell is going on, or can suggest an easy solution, feel free to let me know.

By the way, there's a 'refresh' option beneath the word verification, so if you can't make out the letters, you can just change them as many times as you like until you find something readable.  (There's also an audio option, but anyone who's ever tried it will know that it's more like a practical joke.)

*  *  *

If you haven't made a submission in support of Devo Max to the Smith Commission yet, there's only a few days left to do it - the deadline is 5pm on Friday.  You can find details of how to make a submission HERE.  Remember that it's best to write something in your own words if at all possible - it doesn't have to be very long.  As Iain Macwhirter has suggested, just explain that you heard the No campaign promise Devo Max/Home Rule/federalism, explain what you think that means, and explain why you think it would be good for Scotland if the promise is honoured in full.


  1. Your submission can be in support of another submission i.e. "I support the submission of the Radical Independence Campaign"

  2. Sorry James I contradicted what you just said James is right - do something in your own words

  3. Don't worry, nothing could possibly deter me from sharing my wisdom with everyone! (But yeah, it is a little irritating)

  4. It's to stop the blog being swamped with automated posts

  5. I've had a few complaints on Munguin's Republic about this. I've set up nothing and can't find a way of correcting it. Most annoying.