Thursday, September 18, 2014

One Opportunity

I have a little referendum day article at the International Business Times, reflecting on the historical importance of this moment - you can read it HERE.


  1. Found this article, do you think this shop owner is undecided or a "shy yes?"

    "This is overwhelmingly No territory, according to Karen Gray, behind the till at Skibhoul Stores in Baltasound. ‘Here in the shop, because it’s a big topic of conversation, most folk are saying No. That’s the feeling from the community.’ She is still undecided, but is definitely planning to vote when she finishes her shift. Her father has raised a Union Jack outside his home, one of a number on the road between Belmont, where the ferry docks, and Haroldswick in the north of the island."

  2. An article in the Guardian, could have used it a day ago, "Scotland’s yes campaigners are voting to leave the Titanic"

  3. Last Ipsos-MORI poll, for the Standard:

    Yes - 47%
    No - 53%

    I guess it's just irrelevant and again within margin of error.

    Also, does it affect the sample of a telephone poll to do it in a short period of time (say, in just one day)? My guess is that, by rushing, you get a more conservative sample, especially if you only use landlines. Only those who are available at home in the limited period of time will answer.

  4. what should the snp negotiating strategy be?

    the news have said swinney and fabiani are to be the snp's negotiators