Saturday, September 13, 2014

A cornucopia of miscellany

While there's a very brief lull in the mayhem, I thought I'd go through my inbox and try to catch up with a few requests that various people have made over the last couple of days.

I've now been asked about seventeen billion times to give a plug to United Queendom, so I'm finally going to give in to the inevitable!  It's billed as "Scottish independence as a gay romantic comedy".

Alan Wood asked me to give a mention to his band's referendum anthem Sunrise Over Scotland, although I see Tris has already beaten me to it!  While I'm at it, I may as well link to Make Alba Shine, which you might remember I posted about after seeing it being performed live at the Celtic Connections open stage in January.

There's also a poem that I was meant to publish weeks ago, but it completely slipped my mind - a poll must have come along or something.  I'll save that for its own post at some point over the next couple of days.

If anyone else has made any requests, or if I promised to publish something and then forgot about it, feel free to remind me - for obvious reasons I'm a bit snowed under at the moment, but I'll do my best!

I'll leave you with a characteristically not-very-impressive photo I took of Blair Jenkins being interviewed (I presume by the unspeakable Kay Burley) in Edinburgh on Wednesday.


  1. James,
    Enjoy your brief respite,it's going to be a busy week. Your blog gives us a wee oasis of sanity compared to the msm. Thankse

    1. Mmmm thankse is the Finnish word for 'appreciated'. Honestly, google it....:)

  2. I have seen, on another blog, the statement that "according to reliable sources Yes is outstripping No by 11%" I have no idea who the source is, or the poll(s) referenced. Do you have anything on this, is it possibly true?

  3. James, Rupert Murdoch said the other day on twitter that Salmond's private opinion polling has yes ahead 54-46. Any thought on this?

  4. Rupert Murdoch is a lying toad. Suspect he only does it so other papers can attack Salmond for supposedly leaking the information to him.

  5. If there's anything behind it, it's that Stephen Noon mentioned 54% as his prediction for Yes a couple of weeks ago.

  6. I expect to see the front page of a newspaper claiming that the sun will go supernova if Scotland votes Yes.

    Any candidates?

  7. Have a look at this analytics web site and how they predict, as they say disappointedly for them, that Scotland will vote Yes.

  8. Just to make clear re my last comment, the guy doing the analysis, was disappointed that he found that Scotland was likely to vote Yes.

    This is important as it removes any accusation of bias (unintentional or otherwise)
    that is levelled at Scot goes Pop or sites that are pro-independence.

  9. Just saw a very interesting stat on the 'patronsaintofcats' twitter feed.

    He said that 94% of all the new voter registration have came from the poorest/neglected parts of Scotland!

    He didn't post any link to where he got this information but he is a long time tweeter and is heavily involved in the Yes campaign, so I kinda trust his info.

    A real game-changer if true, as even the most committed No voter would concede that people who are taking the time and trouble to register for the first time from our poorest areas, are not doing so to then go out and vote for more of the same.

    94% !!!

  10. @ Patrick Roden

    As an addition RIC signed up a 72 year old man who had never ever voted, not a No voter by any stretch of the imagination.

  11. One of my pet hates is Scots who gush '' I'm a 'pwoud' Scot '' because you know the next sentence that they're going to say is to denigrate and belittle Scotland with the next line '' and I want Scotland to remain Bwittish !! ''

    It's a bit like that other line '' I'm not a racist, but '' then they proceed to make a racist statement.

    These 'pwoud' Scots are so 'patriotic' they want to see Scotland being governed from another country ? It's a strange kind of patriotism, isn't it ?

    Plus British Nationalists are trying to subvert the very words 'Scots Patriotism' and equate it with British Unionism. Which as we all know is a contradiction in terms.

  12. I keep saying we have to get our vote out. In reality I think our vote needs no help in getting out LOL

    No campaign may have a big problem though.

  13. The Herald gaffe was pretty funny, although it isn't entirely clear how two separate articles could get mixed up like that. They must be getting rattled the closer we are getting to the vote. Otherwise maybe a Sunday Herald mole had a bit of fun...

    Anyway, so what polls are out this evening/afternoon? What are we expecting?

    Now would be an excellent time for YES to be put ahead in a poll again as it would do wonders for momentum in the last few days, whilst sending BT and UK government into total meltdown, with the behind the scenes recriminations coming out into the open. They have fired off the nukes this week and the silo's are now empty. They have nothing left. Now is the time to make the end moves for victory.

    Read an article in the FT saying they expect Clackmannanshire to be the first to declare (small area with just 48,000 voters). Word is it is also likely to vote YES.

  14. Amidst all the drum beating very curious to know what people hear made of the quotes from Germany in the Financial Times and everywhere.

    "Union Investment, one of Germany’s biggest asset managers, announced it was reducing holdings of UK equities and bonds. “For the capital markets, the independence of Scotland poses no opportunities, only risks,” said Frank Engels, head of pensions investment.

    David Folkerts-Landau, group chief economist of Deutsche Bank, said a Yes vote would go down in history as “a political and economic mistake” comparable to errors made in the 1920s that led to the Great Depression. "

    Yeah I know scaremongering. But why exactly ? German bankers owe nothing to David Cameron (they probably hate him) or England? Their economists are only employed to try and make sense of the future and make money by reading it correctly. The last quote was in fact in a note to their investor clients. If this man thought indie Scotl;and was a great investment opportunity he'd say so.

  15. Deutsche Bank is in risky waters

    I think they're shit scared that a rUK couldn't pay their interest back.

  16. Re Deutsche bank see this

  17. We have a Survation telephone poll coming out "shortly"

  18. The Germans are worried about the overall impact on the rUK economy in particular, or in particular the financial institutions (this is all they really care about). My sense is that they see rUK economy facing inevitable downturn and some uncertainty in respect of Scotland. All change is bad unless you control it as far as banks etc. go.

    Another poll soon, how exciting! Better be good!

  19. It's Yes: 46% No: 54%, conducted 10-12 Sep for Better Together