Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wisdom on Wednesday : Calling a spade a spade

"As an imperialist class-based state the UK is poorly equipped to meet the divergent needs of its constituent nations."

Author Irvine Welsh.


  1. 'Nuff said
    Flipping predictive text- sorry

  2. Irvine Welsh was born in Leith, the port area of the Scottish capital Edinburgh. He gives his birthdate as 1958, though it has been widely reported that it is actually 1951.
    Looks over 70 to me.

  3. And proves it on a daily basis.

  4. Ah yes, that well known US resident.

  5. "an imperialist class-based state"

    Westmisnter?!! class-based?? What nonsense. Anyone can see Cameron, Osborne, Boris and Clegg aren't a bunch of out of touch public school twits.

    Indeed who doesn't believe Cameron, little Ed and Clegg understand and sympathise with the working class and those on low pay?

    And if westminster was really an Imperialist state then surely we would have seen ample proof of that by, now like say, endless military intervention in middle east countries?

    It's certainly not as if westminster politicians would actually have the gall to start building up the propaganda to join in with Iraq US airstrikes AGAIN (without involving the UN AGAIN) and gradually ramp up UK military involvement in yet another Iraq War quagmire.

    I mean they surely can't be so stupid as to think the scottish public have forgotten that westminster politicains like Blair, Cameron and Darling supported the invasion of Iraq and scaremongered about Weapons of Mass Destruction?

    Could they??

  6. Imperialist? Oh dear, you'd think the British Empire was still in full swing. This is why I try to avoid listening to the opinions of literary luvvies.

  7. I gave my opinion on why pollsters can't connect with normal Yes voters on the last thread. I'm convinced i'm correct.
    When i visit my parents, i pish myself laughing when my 80 year old dad answers the phone to a cold caller. 'Fuck off!', he shouts down the phone. My morher will spend 10 minutes saying sorry to the same caller. It's hilarious to witness. They are both Yes voters.
    Polls? Mmmm.

  8. MickPork

    Are you still banned from PoliticalBetting?


  9. Hugh


    Does that answer your question? ;)

  10. You were plugged on Livestream tonight as Scotlands psephologist to go to for accuracy to what is happening. It will be Prof next then a full time job on the BBC.

    Info just in case your hits go up.

  11. Hugh

    Just in case you were in any doubt why me and so many other vocal scottish left-wing posters have been banned over the years by politicalbetting, Smithson and the cowardly moderator TSE,

    I was never given a reasonable or even sane explanation of why they banned me. Instead the most preposterous excuse was used about how I might have wrote unflattering things about the far-right posters on PB and those who run it on another site on the internet was the laughably feeble drivel I was supposed to accept. You heard that right. If scottish posters are even suspected of being less than obsequious with their praise of PB and it's right-wingers on another site on the internet they get banned.

    No wonder PB is such a laughing stock full to the brim of out and out racists and far-right headbangers.

  12. Mick,

    I know.

    To be clear, I still have no idea why I was banned, or why I'm no longer banned.

    But I suppose I should be careful what I say on other politics sites I choose to visit, such as this one, on if I want to carry on posting on PB.

    All I will say is that it's a shame there are so few voices from any alternative - ie. non Tory - viewpoint on there.

    Not least regarding the next major political event on 18th Sep.