Monday, August 4, 2014

Road race and closing ceremony photos

I didn't intend to go to either the opening or closing ceremony, but somehow I ended up going to both.  This time they weren't mucking around, though - my £15 seat really did live up to its "restricted view" billing.  But it had its advantages - athletes were scurrying up and down the stairs beside me all evening, many of them from Team Scotland.  There were two women a few rows in front of me who were determined to get selfies with as many athletes as possible, so that gave me the opportunity to take a few snaps!

I dutifully bought a £2 saltire before I went in, and although it was a pain in the neck, I did my best to wave it at moments of maximum patriotic fervour, such as when Prince Imran declared Glasgow 2014 the best Games ever, and when Dougie MacLean sang Caledonia.  However, as I was in the ultra-cheap section, I have a feeling my efforts may have been in vain as far as the TV cameras were concerned...

I don't know how the ceremony came across on TV, but I must say that I didn't cringe at all this time (except maybe during the opening part of the Gold Coast presentation, and we can hardly take the blame for that).


  1. Thanks as always for the informative pictures and commentary James.

    Most of my family and friends managed to go at least once to Glasgow and they were all surprised by the atmosphere and sheer numbers of people who were enjoying the events and just being in Glasgow during them.

    The doom-sayers and scaremongerers should really have learned their lesson by now but I guarantee there will be a swift return to "too poor, too wee and too stupid" from Project Fear because they simply do not have anything else to offer to scots.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the games Mr Kelly.

    Must admit I always feel the Commonwealth Games are a bit forced and crap sporting wise. Glasgow did a great job though.

    So are you worried about the slowed narrowing in the polls? It's getting pretty tight now time wise.

    Incidentally I notice you've attracted a lot more comments on here recently. Have we had some visitors from *cough* other political websites...?

    PS "Too poor, too wee, too stupid". Hehe good summary of the No case.


  3. Hugh the reason there are more comments is that just like with Wings as the referendum gets closer so the interest and people viewing James blog increases. This is undoubtedly a popular blog and getting more so all the time.

    As for the comedy Britnats trolling James blog, there's really only two regular ones. One of whom is definitely an out of touch PB twit and the other seems to be a Kellner groupie.

    Though you mentioning politicalbetting got me curious, and sure enough there was the infamous Bangkok sex tourist SeanT making a complete and utter fool out of Smithson and TSE.

    For those who don't know the last time the posh mockney SeanT boasted about driving away tim from PB, by maliciously revealing details of his wife and children, Smithson was shamed into acting and had to ban him. (only for a short while of course) Not any more. Smithson and TSE now look utterly terrified of SeanT and just meekly take his unhinged far-right lunacy while the rest of the right-wing politicalbetting circle jerk cheers him on.

    To be fair though Tim has had his revenge as the only person who now posts regularly on betting matters is Stuart and you have to wonder why he bothers when PB is nothing more than westminster bubble thinking at it's most amusing. So much for the betting in politicalbetting. It's vanished almost as completely as any dissenting voices from the right-wing PB herd goupthink.


    Also vastly amusing to note that I was right and the No campaign are indeed getting desperate and panicking.

    As I predicted now they are desperately trying to make promises of jam tomorrow with the VERY trustworthy Cameron, Clegg and little Ed trying to persuade scots that they really mean it this time and might give a few more small powers to the scottish parliament. So as I also said they're going to find it a wee bit of a struggle for scots to take their vague promises and hints very seriously when all three of them VEHEMENTLY OPPOSED DevoMax.

    Just wait till the trust factor and the ground campaign starts to kick in and then you will see the blind panic and desperation from the No campaign overshadow everything that has gone before.