Sunday, July 13, 2014

Huffington Post's credibility on referendum reporting lies in tatters after bizarre headline on new ICM poll

Just a very quick post, because I'm almost lost for words. This is the way Huffington Post UK have chosen to headline an ICM referendum poll which shows a mere 2% decrease in the Yes vote since last month (a change which could easily be, and probably is, an illusion caused by the standard 3% margin of error), and which also shows a lower No lead than just two months ago...

"Support For Scottish Independence Nosedives, Poll Shows"

How is anyone going to be able to take a word they say on the referendum seriously in future?


  1. That's how they do it. The Survation poll was of course not highlighted anywhere as a "soaring" Yes vote (compared to the YouGov one that had been talked about a lot). But then when the next No-friendly poll shows up, suddenly Survation is dusted off to provide a benchmark against which to claim a precipitious drop.

  2. Anyone who lives in Scotland and can breathe knows that no-one moves from yes to no. Any attempt to claim otherwise is pure fantasy.

  3. What do you expect from them? You wouldn't expect the truth from Der Sturmer so why would their modern descendants be any better?

  4. Considering the increasing number of Saltires, YES plackards and stickers to be seen around the place, who will believe them?

    And who reads the Huffington Post anyway?

  5. They've always been well iffy on anything to do with the referendum, tbh! Their coverage of other things can be well wide of the mark as well. I gave up reading anything they produce ages ago.

  6. James - When you've recovered do your usual demolition job and I'll post it on our local Yes FB page.
    From there others will move it on.


  7. HuffPo is as laughably out of touch with scottish politics as politicalbetting is. It merely lacks the out and out racists, kipper fruitcakes and comical tory twits that PB is full of.

    Speaking of tory twits, the incompetent fop Cammie is presiding over yet another shambles as the inquiry into westminster child abuse scandal collapses about his ears.

    Small wonder Cammie's ratings are near Kinnock levels along with little Ed while no westminster politician is popular with the public. Unless you are witless enough to count being the least unpopular among that bunch of turds as 'popular' of course.