Thursday, June 19, 2014

Is Wales about to become a permanent member of the UN Security Council?

From the little I've seen of Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones on TV over the years (and the fact I've seen so little speaks volumes about the extent to which the broadcasters buy into the guff about the UK being a "partnership of nations") he's always seemed like a relatively impressive figure.  But his occasional contributions to the Scottish independence debate are making it increasingly obvious that he's actually a bit of a fantasist.  First of all, we had his bizarre claim that Wales would somehow "veto" an independent Scotland's entry into a currency union, in spite of the fact that a devolved territory within the UK cannot possibly have any say over such matters.  And now he's surpassed himself with the suggestion that the real "danger" of independence is that it might prompt England to "leave the union", with Wales and Northern Ireland ending up stranded -

"But it also means that I can see a scenario where in two or three years time there are calls in England to get out of the union with these expensive Celts in the west and over the Irish Sea.

If Scotland can leave the UK, so can England.

That leaves us and Northern Ireland."

Yeah, because of course the Westminster elite are famous for not wanting to rule as much territory as humanly possible. I do rather like that idea, though, because if the anti-independence propagandists are right, it would by definition mean that the remaining Welsh-Northern Irish union would be the sole legal successor state to the UK, and would be able to decide whether England should be "allowed" to continue using the pound. It would also take over from London as one of the world's five permitted nuclear weapons powers under international treaty arrangements, and would automatically become one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council. England, by contrast, would naturally be thrown out of the EU and forced to join the euro (presumably on the same day).

Sounds far-fetched? "IT'S THE LAW!" screams Adam Tomkins (before demanding a written apology for your impertinence in thinking yourself worthy of sharing a planet with him).


  1. Carwyn has his own 'gravy train' career to protect.
    I would rather like to to see England standing alone with Wales an NI independent. No doubting they could both survive.

  2. Sunshine on CrieffJune 19, 2014 at 6:52 PM

    Well, Trident for Milford Haven it is then!

  3. Sunshine on CrieffJune 19, 2014 at 6:53 PM

    Well, Trident for Milford Haven it is then!

  4. The 2nd phase of the latest TNS BMRB poll has some interesting reading.

    "What is your preferred constitutional settlement for Scotland from these three options? (Changes from January)"

    Devo Max: 33% (-2)
    Indepdence: 28% (+4)
    Current Arangement: 26% (-5)
    Don't Know: 13% (+3)

  5. Oh dear...

    Looks like the curse of the out of touch twits has struck yet again.

    (there's one with Osbrowne looking even more of a twat than little Ed but curiously the Sun seems to have removed all trace of it)

    At least there's nothing else about those pictures that could possibly come back to haunt them.

  6. @Mick Pork

    At least Sungate cleared up which 'One Nation' Ed was on about. I had my suspicions when he kept referring to Scots in the third person during the speech; this cleared up any remaining doubts.

  7. Comedy Gold from the out of touch tory twits on PB today James.

    I'll let you see for yourself but needless to say with Iraq spiralling out of control, and Obama sending in boots on the ground in the form of special forces, that's nothing compared to what the tory twits witlessly think is a boost for the NO campaign.

    Nor should they concern themselves with such trifling matters as the ever nearing conclusion of England's longest running criminal trial in history, because there's no way on earth that's going to have any political fall-out, is there?


  8. Strange lack of live reports on the england rugby team compared to previous weeks too. Political Racism. A warm welcome to all Scotophobes and good riddance to free speech.

    Smithson is a slapheaded prolapse!