Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wisdom on Wednesday : Popular sovereignty

"And what if that other voice WE ALL KNOW SO WELL responds by saying 'We say no, and we are the state'? Well, we say yes, and we are the people!"

Canon Kenyon Wright, chairman of the Scottish Constitutional Convention, speaking at the body's opening meeting. The "we" was an ironic reference (and instantly recognised as such by the audience) to Mrs Thatcher's use of the royal "we" when announcing that she (they?) had become a grandmother.


  1. It was bad enough that there was one of her. The notion that she existed in the plural is too horrible to imagine.

  2. Superb comedy with the out of touch twits on PB at the mo James. It's apparently all the lefties fault that the tory racists have been shrieking about the kipper racists for the past couple of weeks on the stormfront lite site PoliticalBetting.

    Almost as absurd is the mockney sex tourist throwing insults about homosexuals and 'tolerance' while the PT tory moderator (who lied about having his own child die to try and welch out of a bet lest we forget) looks on incompetently.

    PB is making the other far-right nutcase sites look good these days. It's nothing more than an amusing right-wing zoo now.