Monday, January 6, 2014

Nice to be ruled by Tories we didn't vote for, to be ruled by Tories we didn't vote for...nice!

The full story isn't online yet, but judging from the preview of the Herald's front page, it seems that the No campaign are lining up a number of English celebrities to lead the charge against Scottish self-government.  Whether this will prove to be an astute move obviously remains to be seen - my guess is that for every Scot impressed by Bruce Forsyth, Katie Hopkins, Richard Madeley or whoever telling us that it's a cracking idea to be ruled from London by Tories we didn't vote for, there'll be at least two Scots who'll feel distinctly patronised by the spectacle.  But for now I'm much more interested in how the No campaign are going to justify the tactic.  After all, isn't this the same campaign that has...

1) Lambasted the Scottish celebrities Brian Cox and Alan Cumming for daring to show their faces at the Yes campaign launch, on the grounds that they didn't live in Scotland at the time?

2) Justified David Cameron's refusal to debate Alex Salmond on the grounds that this is a decision for Scots alone, and that "Englishmen" have no place in the debate?  (Yup, it was Blair McDougall himself who dismissed Cameron as a mere "Englishman" in a characteristically offensive tweet yesterday - on his head be it.)

Not that point 2 stopped Cameron lecturing Scots in his New Year's message on how we should vote in the referendum, of course.  Never let it be said that the anti-independence campaign are martyrs to consistency.

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  1. Get ready for England's Olympic medal winners telling us how much they want us to remain part of England