Friday, June 21, 2013

Shock as Britain's leading cat forum bans badgers

As you might remember, I recently made a solemn promise to the moderators of a certain Tory-dominated "non-aligned" political website that if they continued deleting posts of mine for no good reason, I would simply repost them here. Regrettably, it's become necessary to make good on that promise for a second time -

Plato : I don't for a second believe in psychics, but having seen Derren Brown in action - I can fully understand why anyone who wasn't certain it was cobblers would be convinced. He's a master of the art of mentalism and if he chose to be a charlatan would no doubt have made an enormous fortune.

That he's also a very accomplished magician and artist just shows what creativity and a top drawer IQ can accomplish - he's a rare beast.

His stage shows are incredible. This is rather fun taster.

Me : "I don't for a second believe in psychics"

Phew. For a moment there I thought you said you don't believe in physics.

Plato : @PB Moderator

Can you confirm if I and another PBer aren't to discuss each others posts?

You said we weren't to do so several days ago, but I seem to be the only one complying with your request.

I'd appreciate a response as either someone is taking the p*** out of the site's rules or I'm getting rocks thrown at me when under the impression that I can't throw them back.

I have no interest in doing so as its very boring for everyone else - but if I choose to do so, I'd like to do it knowing I won't be banned.

Me : "You said we weren't to do so several days ago, but I seem to be the only one complying with your request."

I take it you are aware that the post you have just written (along with umpteen other near-identical ones) means that you are not in fact complying with that request? Perhaps you weren't. You are now.

* * *

After that exchange was deleted, I decided to give the moderation team an opportunity to demonstrate their even-handedness once more, by allowing me to post a badger video in response to Plato's Derren Brown videos. Alas, my seven or so attempts to get the badger video up were met with instant deletion, and I have now been banned from the site. So these are the current PB rules as far as I can discern them -

1) A Tory poster calling an SNP poster a Nazi, a w**ker, a t*at or a member of the Ku Klux Klan = excellent, highly encouraged.

2) An SNP poster using the words "pure comedy gold" = instant lifetime banning.

3) Derren Brown videos/cat videos/reviews of chick flicks = highly relevant to a political betting forum, enriching of discussion.

4) Badger videos = sling your hook, you Jock scum.


  1. Think of this as an excellent opportunity to do something else with your time!

  2. End of an era if this banning of you as a non-Tory stands. Congrats on your efforts behind enemy lines over the years. Hopefully Pork and Divvie will keep fighting the good fight, even if its only a matter of time before they're banned too.

  3. The coward just banned me for posting a chicken pop video. Yes, that's not a joke, TSE actually did that. This would be on PB's 'Nighthawks' where he and the PB tories post pop videos all the damn time. He's REALLY making a complete twat of himself today.

    And just to clarify for those that don't know. Plato REPEATEDLY broke Mike Smithson's own rules on posting and was left to continue, nor was she alone among the herd. The hypocrisy in the blatantly partisan right wing moderation is staggering but unsurprising.

    Socrates made the moderator look like an utter dickhead by completely ignoring him as he ranted away trying to get a poster banned and ordering the mod to delete posts. Despite the moderator being completely ignored, which EVERYONE saw, Socrates posts weren't deleted nor was he banned but he was the one actually flounced off in the huff to the PB tories lip-wobbling despair.

    So, to be clear -

    Inane pop videos and film and TV twattery from PB tories = fine.

    Badger and chicken vids = INSTANT BANNING.


  4. If it were not that YOU are telling me this, James, I simply wouldn't believe it.

    It's like a kindergarten with untrained staff.

  5. Out of the blue this morning, I received a cryptic email from Mike Smithson saying that he was going to "take action on the cat videos" - which of course misses the point that the problem is not the cat videos as such, but the biased moderation. Oh well.

    Mick : I've sent you an email.