Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Positive straw in the wind for the SNP as European elections inch closer

It's been far too long since I irritated "Carlotta Vance" by reporting the results of a Scottish subsample from a GB-wide poll, so I thought you might enjoy this one from ComRes...

Westminster voting intention:

SNP 36%
Labour 33%
Conservatives 17%
Liberal Democrats 6%
Greens 4%

European Parliament voting intention:

SNP 39%
Labour 19%
Conservatives 17%
Liberal Democrats 10%
Greens 7%

Of course these figures carry the usual huge health warning, because they're not properly weighted and are based on responses from less than a hundred people. Nevertheless, the fact that Labour's vote appears to drop sharply when voters turn their attention to Europe, while the SNP's vote creeps up, is highly encouraging given the potential significance of next year's European elections, which will take place just three months before the independence referendum.


  1. Good spot, James.
    For some reason out of all the anti-Scottish sneering on PB the one who really boils my piss is Sunil Prasanan. Not sure why - maybe it his giggling, blissful ignorance of what he is pontificating about.
    I enjoy reading you, Mick and the divvie upsetting their metropolitan prejudices and inability to recognise the almighty upset the independence vote will cause their Westminster games of charades.
    Keep up the good work, James.


  2. The PB herd will need what the spammer is offering when it is a Yes vote.

  3. To be fair Marcia there are few things more comical than watching the incompetent twits and outright racists on PB continually make a fool of themselves. An idiotic habit but one we can always rely on them repeating.

    Watching the PB tory twit in chief lie through his teeth yesterday when he was called out for his cowardice was hilarious. You could sense even all his tory chums knew how feeble his desperate bullshit looked in response to James perfectly reasonable questions.

  4. James, when you get back to clean out the spam, maybe you can find out why I got an "Adchoices" ad promoting Better Together when I refreshed your page this evening!

  5. Isn't it about time that Plato stopped sponging off the state and got a job? Or had sex, she seems to be a bit grumpy and uptight. ;^)