Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Can 'freedom and democracy' cope with independence?

I have a new article at the International Business Times, which attempts to put the significance of the independence referendum in some kind of international historical context. You can read it HERE.


  1. First class article,James.

    You have a talent for summarising your arguments in a logical and readable way.

    The hypocrisy of communism was well understood...Up the workers! But we forget that the same hypocrisy holds sway in the "West".

    And you give good examples.

    I fear that Thatcher will down in history as the saviour of democracy and freedom, rather like Winston Churchill having won the war more or less single handed.

  2. Excellent article as always, James, you should get the Rev Stu to publish a few - you deserve more hits. You deserve a few, if only for your sterling service behind the lines in PB Territory.


  3. Tris : Well, let's hope the long-term historical view of the Thatcher era proves to be more clear-sighted than the medium-term one. There'll surely come a point where people realise that any comparison with Churchill is fatuous, because Churchill - for all his faults - actually was a war leader (so was Mrs Thatcher, but only for a few months, and her adversary was Argentina rather than the Soviet Union).

    Clochoderic : Thanks for your kind words. The number of hits to this blog has actually been pretty incredible recently. The level of traffic obviously isn't in the same league as Wings, but it's far higher than at any point since I started five years ago (with the exception of a brief period in the spring of 2011).