Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Now that the daffodils are back, it's time to vote for a blog that is fighting for the things that really matter

My fellow citizens, these are uniquely dangerous times that we live in.

Lord Fraser wants to call in the RAF to bomb Glasgow Airport. The Treasury wants to rip out the soul of this nation by taking away our banknotes. Richard Baker still wants to be a government minister.

These are just three of the unpredictable and growing menaces that threaten our survival.

As the great lady once said, this is no time to go wobbly.

Scotland MUST retain its independent blogging deterrent.

Conventional forces such as Better Nation and A Burdz Eye View are all very well, but what this country really needs is a blogging weapons system that can annihilate whole cities with its mind-numbingly detailed coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

If so...

Vote liberty.

Vote oxygen.

Vote for a blog that is tough on Tavish, and tough on the causes of Tavish.

Vote Scot Goes Pop in the WoS favourite blog poll.

Thankyou. May God bless you, and may God bless the United Yetts o' Muckhart.

(DISCLAIMER: Just like Trident, voting for this deterrent is no guarantee that it will actually work. On the plus side, this one won't cost you £25 billion.)


  1. Yer mad... but you get my vote...

  2. Yer mad..............that's why you get my vote...