Thursday, July 19, 2012

YouGov poll : Labour least popular in Scotland

This has happened before, but I thought it was worth noting that in the regional breakdown in last night's UK-wide YouGov poll, Scotland was the place where Labour had its lowest vote share.

Labour's vote share by region :

North of England 57%
Midlands/Wales 48%
London 45%
South (excluding London) 32%
Scotland 31%

That may well be a sampling quirk, and tonight's poll may show Scottish Labour in a healthier position. Nevertheless, the fact that such results are even possible is an illustration of how fundamentally the politics of this country have changed.

For what it's worth, there were two polls yesterday (YouGov and Ipsos-Mori) that showed the SNP ahead in the Scottish subsample, in spite of the fact that Labour were well ahead throughout the UK. And that of course is for Westminster voting intention - the Nationalists' weakest suit.


  1. That the party would be more popular in the South East of England (excluding London) than in Scotland shows too, how fundamentally Labour has changed.

  2. Will we see this in the Scotsman or via the Pacific Quay news services? Thought not...