Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rejoice : 'civilisation' has been reaffirmed in Georgia

Some timely words of wisdom in the light of Troy Davis' execution -

"Spencer Lawton, the district attorney who secured Davis’ conviction in 1991, said he was embarrassed for the judicial system — not because of the execution, but because it took so long to carry out. “What we have had is a manufactured appearance of doubt which has taken on the quality of legitimate doubt itself. And all of it is exquisitely unfair,” said Lawton, who retired as Chatham County’s head prosecutor in 2008. “The good news is we live in a civilized society where questions like this are decided based on fact in open and transparent courts of law, and not on street corners.""

So, at worst, a mixed day - yes, a man who is highly likely to be innocent has just been put to death, but on the plus side one of the people responsible for that happening can now cretinously feel less "embarrassed" as a result. Also intriguing to discover that "civilisation" seemingly resides in the act of strapping an innocent man to a gurney and then pumping toxic drugs into his body until his heart stops, and not in the act of protesting against such an outrage on "street corners". You learn something new every day.

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