Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Two contrasting Lib Dem views on David Steel's resignation

It's encouraging to discover that the Lib Dems remain a very broad church. To prove it, here are two somewhat contrasting views from members of the party on the significance of David Steel's resignation as an adviser to the Scottish government. This from Caron Lindsay -

"David Steel slams Salmond on Supreme Court as he quits government advisory role

Former Liberal leader and Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament David Steel has sensationally quit his role as an independent advisor to the Scottish Government on the Ministerial Code, citing Alex Salmond's and Kenny MacAskill's "appalling" criticisms of the Supreme Court...

David Steel is not what you would call the biggest radical in the party - I mean, he's spoken out against electing the Lords, for goodness sake. If he thinks the First Minister and his cabinet are taking a dangerous approach to Government, then they really must be. Those of us who embrace liberal values will have to be very vigilant in the years to come."

And this from Craig Murray -

"David Steel can F*** Off

The money-grubbing motives of senior British politicians are now understood by most people. David Steel has made spectacular cash from his career – so much he could acquire, luxury renovate and then give away to his younger son a castle, while acquiring a new ultra-luxury home for himself...

“Lord” Steel has now resigned as an adviser to the Scottish government, because he disapproves of the SNP’s criticism of the UK Supreme Court’s overturning of Scottish Law decisions.

Presumably the diminutive little creep will now have more time to count his money and to sit round making unionist guffaws with his mercenary pals."

I do have a view on this topic myself, but I wouldn't want to influence you in any way...


  1. Caron is a bit naieve, nice but naieve.

    Now about Saint Donald Dewar?

  2. Between the former and latter views expressed I take the latter view. He was always over-rated in my opinion. 'Go home to your constituencies and count your cash.'

  3. I just looked at a website called Labour Hame after reading some other comments on your other posts.

    Is it windup? Surely it can't be a serious attempt by SLAB. It's frigging hilarious.

    On David Steel strange how he resigned on a point of principle but stayed in the post until a replacement was found.

  4. "Is it windup? Surely it can't be a serious attempt by SLAB. It's frigging hilarious."

    I know, when I read Jeff Breslin's article revealing its existence, I was sure he was either joking or talking about a spoof site. But there it was, large as life, in glorious technicolor tartan.

  5. Executive Outcomes ties lead to London and Bush

    He was born in Kirkaldy to a minister, cloning has been going on for longer than we think.

  6. As I've said on Caron's blog, I don't understand how she thinks David Steel's views on electing the Lords (i.e. that we shouldn't) automatically mean that if HE thinks the SG are in the wrong, then they MUST be!

    He's part of the British establishment. He thinks the British establishment should continue unabated. Of course he doesn't agree with the SNP on this matter. If anything, David Steel's resignation should be seen as confirmation that the SNP are most definitely in the right!

  7. May I suggest that Mr.Steel be re-christened Mr.Gold,the precious metal is more malleable than steel.
    Dictionary definition of malleable:-
    Plastically open to outside forces or influences.

  8. Doug, it's tempting to characterise what Caron said as "Steel is wrong about Lords reform, therefore he must be right about every other subject!". I presume what she means is that Alex Salmond and Kenny MacAskill are now establishment figures, and therefore you'd ordinarily expect another establishment figure to support them in a dispute. Just one problem with that analysis - this was a bare-knuckle dispute between a "separatist" Scottish government and the UK Supreme Court. Now, who would we expect the British establishment figure to reflexively support in those circumstances?

    Er, let me think...