Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Time for a bit more factual accuracy from Francesca Preece

The last day of August brings a completely random Jock-bashing rant from Francesca Preece at Total Politics, entitled "It is time for Scotland to stand on its own two feet". Where to begin?

"This September, students will be packing their pots and pans to live in university digs. But while some will beg, steal or borrow the £9k-a-year fees, others will get it for free - simply because of their place of birth."

No, they won't. They'll get it because of their place of residence.

"Yet while help is at hand in the Highlands, there is little assistance for English students, despite there being no guarantee whatsoever that any single English student is better able to pay the fees."

Well, here's a thought, Francesca - if free education is as much a priority for those south of the border as it is for Scots, what is preventing them from electing a government that actually reflects that priority? No-one forced Middle England to vote Tory or New Labour.

"Don’t get me wrong, I think this is fantastic for Scottish students and I can’t criticise money being used in such a beneficial way – but how is it fair that a minority is receiving this at the expense of a majority?"

They aren't receiving it at the 'expense of the majority'. Scotland receives a fixed block grant and the money cannot be spent twice - so free tuition is actually coming at the expense of other areas of Scottish public spending, not English students.

"...give First Minister Alex Salmond his wish: independence. If Wee Eck truly believes he can achieve the same results without the contribution of the Treasury, why not give him the benefit of the doubt?"

Well, this is a novel suggestion - unilateral expulsion from the UK without a referendum. Suits me - let's see if the Treasury can stand on its own two feet without Scotland's huge contribution of natural resources, shall we?

"You may accuse me of being a Little Englander but the favouritism and preferential treatment Scotland receives hasn’t gone unnoticed south of the border."

It certainly hasn't gone uninvented south of the border, Francesca.


  1. What a rant from the fragrant Francesca. It's so ill informed and predictable that I expect Glenn Campbell's fallen a little bit in love with her.

  2. I VERY much doubt that would be possible, Anon.

  3. Bitter illogic by the less than dulcet, would be, faux Bouaddica.

    Why doth she not complain about gi-enormous fees extracted by her country-people from others who are "citizens" of "Greater Albion" who are forced out of the establishment's pernicious and continuing perfidy to scrabble to exist well beyond her increasingly seedy shores?

    An Anglo Tsarette demanding - and inclined to forcing (?) given force of imperialist arms - all in these islands not of her caste are reduced to her "constituencies'" level of tithed ignorami and uneducated peasant parasites: May the "force" be with her when she attempts to demand the same unequal treatment for her fellow subjects elsewhere in the world - England DEMANDS.

    This tactic did not work well elsewhere.


    SNP way out in the lead.

  5. Fantastic news, Marcia, especially on Westminster voting intention. I would write a post about it, but I'm just about to set off for Italy!