Sunday, August 21, 2011

The ache for Hame lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.

The southern part of Glasgow will be dismayed to learn that its beloved member of parliament has gone all bashful again, and has unaccountably felt the need to publish his latest comic masterpiece - an "interview with Kenny MacAskill" to mark the second anniversary of Megrahi's release - under his "Bomber Admin" pseudonym. Here are a couple of highlights...

"KM: Er… Look, Gordon Brown wanted him released as well – not just me!

LH: And did you consult the then Prime Minister about your decision to release Al-Megrahi?

KM: Are you joking? Of course I didn’t!

LH: So what difference does it make wherther Gordon Brown wanted him released or not?"

Well, I suppose one difference it makes is that it causes some of us to wonder how on earth a Labour website has the brass neck to continue making criticisms of Megrahi's release when even the dogs on the street know that, if a Labour administration had been in power at Holyrood, he would still have been released - but on Gordon Brown's say-so, and for the good of British business, rather than according to the due process of Scots Law.

"LH: And Iain Gray objected to the release, didn’t he? He disagreed with Gordon Brown."

Ah, I think I see where you're going astray here, Tom/"LH"/"Admin". Nominal disobedience to a UK Labour Prime Minister for tactical reasons is a luxury open to a Scottish Labour leader, but only in opposition. Perhaps that's why Iain Gray showed such eagerness to stay there?


  1. Oh dear. I worry for Admin Tom's wellbeing. This latest offering is positively unhinged.

    Apparently, in the eighteenth century, a visit to Bedlam to watch the cavortings of the lunatics was a popular diversion. Nowadays of course, we are more enlightened, and we must rely on Labour Hame as the nearest equivalent source of reprehensible entertainment.

    If I was going to attack the SNP Gov't over Megrahi, I might ask why a man given 3 months to live by Scottish medical opinion can in fact have his life prolonged for two years by the Libyan medicalk profession. What has the Libyan health service got that ours hasn't?

  2. A new article in Labour Hame suggesting greater democracy within Labour, whilst decrying the 'self-inflicted wound' of PR that led to the demise of so many Labour council sinecures. Confused? I know I am.

    The concluding line of the article:

    'After all, Labour was formed to give working people a voice.'

    seems to contradict the author's view on PR for the masses outwith the Labour Party.

    Lord Mandelson, meanwhile, seems to believe that Labour was formed to give its leading lights a leg up in the property market

  3. More Labour Hame preaching to the choir from David Martin MEP in a new LH post

  4. modded out

    At any time such serious question about our future economic position would be unsettling. At a time of great economic uncertainty they could do untold damage to business confidence and inward investment and leave the Scottish economy in a state of paralysis for many years.

    Sums up the argument for Scotland to leave the rump UK.

  5. Suprisingly, though, there's much to agree with in Kenny Farquharson's latest Labour Hame piece -

    "Has it occurred to them that they could end up with zero MPs at Westminster because Scotland becomes independent? I’m told there is a quiet confidence a No campaign in an indy referendum can be won by adopting the same tactics employed by the No campaign in the AV votes referendum – simply arguing that the case for independence has not been made, and must, therefore, be rejected. This is comically complacent, based on a lazy assumption that the independence the SNP will offer the voters is the same outdated 19th-century nation state that has been so easy to dismiss in the past. Not this time, sunshine."