Friday, July 29, 2011

Questions to which the answer is readily available

It seems I'm in a position to ameliorate the befuddlement of the "admin" of Labour Hame yet again. In a comment on Kate Higgins' article on the website, he/she has this to say in response to a suggestion that many Labour voters support independence...

"Where is the evidence for this? While all the evidence suggests that a substantial number of those who voted SNP in May don’t support independence, there is nothing to suggest that large numbers of Labour supporters in May actually wanted independence. A couple of dozen, at most, probably."

Answer : Rather helpfully, there was a YouGov poll on this very subject just days after the Holyrood election, in which no fewer than 14% of people who voted Labour on the constituency ballot said they would support independence in the referendum. Given that there were 630,461 constituency votes cast for Labour in May, that means approximately 88,000 Labour voters support independence.

If my rough calculations are correct, it appears that 88,000 is a somewhat higher number than "a couple of dozen".

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  1. Ah, I missed this post somehow...

    It must be nice to be able to ameliorate the befuddlement of the "admin" at Labour Hame, but I fear you may have taken on a full time job.