Tuesday, May 17, 2011

He's back!

A welcome return to the cut-and-thrust tonight for star Scottish Labour blogger Councillor Alex Gall...sorry, "Braveheart", as he offers the SNP an invaluable pep-talk on the challenges of the five years of majority rule that lie ahead -

"Anyweys, you are right to be trepidatious. So many difficult decisions to be taken and nowhere to hide and no-one to blame.

And a referendum not to be dodged this time....

It's cauld oot there....."

Now, you might recall that this is the very same Braveheart who thoughtfully took the time to caution me against drawing any false hope from a TNS-BMRB poll back in March -

"Not such a consolation: it has Labour on 59 seats (up 13 and the same as an Ipsos/Mori poll
(sic) two weeks ago) and the SNP on 39 (-8).

The SNP complained that the Ipsos/Mori poll
(sic) had used adjusted figures to show Labour's lead.

The TNS-BMRB poll uses "unadjusted", raw figures. But it still produces the same broad result......."

Yup, there's no denying it - two months is a long, long time in politics. But it seems that one thing has remained reassuringly constant over that period.

It's still a bloomin' disaster for the SNP.

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