Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WARNING : This post is part of my creepy stalking campaign against a poor, defenceless female

Well, I had been planning to say something more about the AV referendum, or the Sun's endorsement of the SNP, or maybe talk about Iain Gray's appearance on Newsnight Scotland. But, in the circumstances, given the rather specific prodding I've been receiving over the last couple of hours at Political Betting, I somehow felt that I just couldn't let my delicate little 'stalking victim' down...

"No doubt you’ll pen something about this discussion on your blog just to prove how you’re always right about everything"

"No you are whining.

You are never wrong. You know what everyone else secretly thinks when you don’t approve of their point of view. You write blog posts that make up strawmen so you can prove how right you are. You comment endlessly and stalkerishly when asked not to, despite being told it feels creepy.

There you go = write another blog about how horrible I am, and how unfair everyone is about you."

I trust the appearance of this post 'feels creepy' enough for you, Ms Plato. Ever a delight...


  1. Ezio Auditore da Firenze - Alex Salmond for First MinisterApril 20, 2011 at 1:22 AM

    Some of us would suggest that the most 'creepy' thing there would be her belief that she is allowed to tell people when they are free to comment on certain issues!

  2. Ignore her/him.

    Dinnae feed the trolls, James!

  3. Honestly, why do you bother? Right wing nutters chattering amongst themselves and you choose to dive right into it all. It's like running into the path of a gatling gun.

  4. It was an invitation you could hardly refuse.

    I'm afraid I'm not nearly as persistent as you. When whichever one of them comes out with their right wing drivelling rants and their Rule Britannia and all, and particularly when they get to the personal insults (or insults about Scotland) stage, I walk away. Life is definitely too short to make people like that believe anything other than that which they want to believe.

    I suspect that she is elderly and stuck in her ways...bless her, but now you have fulfilled her prophesy and she will be all happy and self satisfied that once again she was right.

    Content yourself James, with the fact that you have probably made an old lady very happy...and surely that's a good thing to do.

    BTW: Good though it is to make senior citizens happy, I'd love to hear your comments on Richard or Iain on Newsnicht; the Sun, and the latest poll on AV... So could you do 2 or 3 posts today?

  5. John and John : excellent advice, but it's so hard with this particular person!

    Tris, she's actually much younger than that (early-to-mid 40s, I believe). She's an infuriating character, though. As an example, here is an exchange she had with another poster this afternoon...

    Goupillon : John Redwood I believe only got a little over 50% in 2010 and who knows if AV was introduced he may go below 50% next time and that might affect his attitude to others who who do not share his political views.

    Plato : Oh FFS - Redwood got more than 50% of the vote and because you don’t like him/or his party - this isn’t good enough?

    Goupillon : Plato - that is not what I said and I would be grateful if you would moderate your language.

    Plato : Moderate my language? Oh err - who made you milk monitor?

    That was roughly the level of stupidity and slipperiness I was up against last night!