Monday, April 18, 2011

Actions speak louder than words, no. 279 : Scottish Labour godfather enters unholy alliance with the Tories in middle of Holyrood campaign

If you ever had any doubts that Yes to AV is the right side of the argument, this should helpfully dispel them for you -

"...former Labour Cabinet minister Lord [John] Reid is today due to share a platform for the No campaign with Prime Minister David Cameron.

The former home secretary, who is to appear at the event in London with Mr Cameron, claimed first past the post was the "British way".

He said: "There are some issues so important that they transcend party politics, issues on which people expect politicians to put aside their party differences for the sake of the people and the public interest...""

This, remember, is the Labour politician who is so absurdly and destructively tribal that in the aftermath of last year's general election he made abundantly clear that he much preferred to see a Tory government take office to the prospect of having to work with other parties (ie. the Lib Dems, SNP and Plaid Cymru) to form a non-Tory administration. And what is this issue that is of such overwhelming national importance that it could possibly coax him into joining forces with his supposed arch-enemies just twelve months after helping them into office? Oh, the threat to the cosy system that allows both Tory and Labour MPs alike to be elected on minority shares of the vote, naturally. Nice to see you've got your priorities straight, John - although how many voters will believe this is all for the 'sake of the people' and not the sake of your party is another matter entirely.

As far as I can see, the attitude of leading SNP figures towards AV ranges from moderate support to indifference, but one thing's for sure - they won't be giving succour to the axe-wielding Tories by sharing a platform with David Cameron in the middle of an election campaign. Perhaps it's time to give one of John Reid's own 'greatest hits' (ahem) a spin, suitably altered to fit the occasion -

"And where were you, John, when the Tories were slashing jobs and public services?

You keep making speeches for the Tories, John. We'll keep making history for Scotland."


  1. Aye, what some ermine does for the likes of John Reid, the man who failed at everything he was ever given to do.

    His Lordship, having been secretary of state for nearly everything for a few months, has obviously become a Tory.

    For those who are swithering between "yes" and "no", I heard Norman Smith on the "Today" programme offer the opinion that although a "no" will hurt Clegg, a "yes" will be devastating for Cameron.

    The thought of a devastated Cameron brings a grin to my face.

    Bring it on, to quote one of John, erm I mean His Lordship's friends.

  2. "a "yes" will be devastating for Cameron"

    That's true, Tris. It would be a double-whammy - his supporters would never forgive him for conceding the referendum in the first place, and he would face the prospect of losing seats under the new system at the next election.