Thursday, March 24, 2011


Some small anecdoctal backing for the concerns I raised about the Scots langauge questions in the census - I discovered last night that my sister had left all four tick-boxes blank because she wasn't sure what Scots actually was, but her best guess was that it applied only to Doric speakers in the north-east. By any definition, she falls into the category of 'understanding' the language, and almost certainly 'speaking' and 'reading' it as well. It seems to me a much more high-profile public awareness campaign would have been in order to clear up the confusion - or even better, a brief clarification on the census form itself.

Note - I'm indebted to a comment someone left here a few months ago for the title of this post. I can't remember who it was, but thanks!


  1. James - very off topic

    The AR poll data for this month

  2. You could have made it even more Scottish : fit a blunder tae mak. That's how my parents would say it anyway.

    I'm actually pushing for my mum to tick all the Scots and English boxes except "speak" for English, which is half true anyway.