Saturday, January 15, 2011

Could yet another far-left tiff save a precious seat for the SNP in Glasgow?

It's worth remembering just how much the SNP owe to the Tommy Sheridan soap opera and the related implosion of the socialist vote in 2007.  Even if Solidarity had merely (as fully expected) been able to retain Sheridan's own seat on the Glasgow list, then the chances are that the SNP would have had one seat fewer, resulting in a dead-heat with Labour.  George Galloway's recent entry into the Holyrood fray under the Respect banner had raised the spectre of a Left candidate nicking back that crucial Glasgow seat in May, but such a prospect seemed to recede yesterday with the news that 'Gorgeous George' will be directly opposed by Gail Sheridan for Solidarity, along with (presumably) a full SSP slate as well. If a two-way split in the socialist vote was disastrous in 2007, it's hard to imagine what the effect of a three-way split could be.

Galloway's wounded reaction to this development seemed somewhat contradictory as well - he pointed out that the previous call for Ms Sheridan to be number two on his own electoral list wasn't really logical, given that Solidarity (unlike him) are a pro-independence and far-left force.   But if that's the case, isn't it entirely logical for Solidarity to stand against him?


  1. Four-way if you count Scargill's Socialist Labour. They got 1.3% last time.

  2. We can always hope Labour lose it ...

  3. True, James - I'd forgotten about the SLP. Come to think of it, a lot of their voters probably wrongly assume from the name they're voting for Sheridan's mob (and most of the rest probably think they're voting Labour).