Friday, August 6, 2010

'There are no Kellys in Scotland...'

It has to be said I'm having extreme difficulty breaking the habit of leaving comments on every ignorant American article I come across relating to the Megrahi affair. The latest one is from the Wall Street Journal - it basically just rehashes some very old information about the specialists having been unwilling to commit to a firm three month prognosis, and packages this as a stunning new revelation. Of course, the absurdity of the article is that those specialists made clear that, whatever the uncertainties, they fully expected Megrahi to live "months, not years" - words which speak for themselves.

Instead of reprinting one of my own comments on the article, however, I thought this time I'd reprint a comment from someone who replied to me. It really is a classic of its kind...

"James, I suppose you are now going to tell me you are a retired musician with an interest in politics! You sound remarkably like the person I had an exchange with on The Time Mag website during PM David Cameron's visit to Washington a few weeks ago. Then, I believe your name was Robert.

Firstly, I have never heard of a Scot with the name Kelly. Unheard of. Secondly, you have unsurprisingly twisted the meaning of my statement "That is beside the point though". I only said that, now regrettably, to indicate that there are many Scots in The Labour Party. And I am sure many of them would secretly be in favor of Scottish independence.

You say the SNP does not have any foreign relations. The party does not of course, but a Scottish government minister supposedly released Megrahi of his own accord. He, Kenny MacAskill, is not free to roam the world as a free agent of the Scottish government! His relations with the US and Libya for that matter, are controlled by the Foreign Office in London. So, your argument does not wash. That would be like the governor of one of the US States having independent relations with a foreign government, not like George Bush taking orders from the Iranian President! Your analogy is ludicrous and illogical.

Why don't you now tell us who you really are since this is one of few sites that request people use their full real names. If you are from the UK Foreign Office, I have some suggestions for you."

As John Smith once memorably said, "you don't even have to set traps for them"...


  1. My big mate Scot Kelly will probably be disappointed to hear that Elaine hasn't heard of him. I'm more surprised though, cos he's a bloody legend!

  2. Well done for being one of the few people who bother to post facts against the clueless ranting Americans on this subject.

    A large part of it seems that some American posters still believe that they still rule the world and that their corrupt belief system (their politicians are crooks therefore all politicians must be crooks) applies elsewhere.

  3. Yes, Gaga, I think you've hit the nail on the head there. Of course we know our politicians can be corrupt and cynical beyond belief at times, but I think in the land of pork-barrel politics they find it impossible to believe that a decision like this could ever be taken other than for reasons of financial/political gain.

  4. James; some people don’t want to listen no matter what you say, and with people like that there is no point in trying. Logic and reason mean nothing to the narrow minded.