Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer quiz no. 3 : Find the Scottish MP!

The answer to the second quiz was Caron's Musings.

For the third installment of what is already starting to seem like an utterly interminable series of summer quizzes (me and my bright ideas), you'll be looking for the name of a Scottish MP at Westminster. As before, find the answers to all the following clues, take the first letter of each answer, and jumble those letters up until you find the name of a current Scottish MP.

Clues -

1. A seaside town that's elected both a Prince of Darkness and a Monkey Mayor.

2. The US president Mrs Thatcher once harangued for invading a Commonwealth country.

3. The country in which the estranged husband of the former Olympics Minister ran into some legal difficulty.

4. John Prescott's pet name for a crab.

5. The voting system that neither the Conservatives or the Liberal Democrats actually want, but are kindly giving us the chance to have anyway.

6. The huge Scottish local authority branded a "monstrosity" by the Tory government which abolished it in 1996.

7. The English public school that has been attended by 20 British Prime Ministers, including the current one.

8. The part of London that is the "HQ" for both a sport and a former Glasgow Labour councillor.

9. The colour of suit that Neil Hamilton's vanquisher was noted for wearing.

10. The TV comedienne who persuaded Neil Kinnock to appear in a pop video.

11. The country to which the Liberal Party's "strange death" was apparently confined.

If you can contain your excitement, the answer will appear alongside the fourth quiz!

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