Saturday, June 26, 2010

Co-Go No-Go for Con-Dem-Nation

Via Iain Dale's Diary, a rather bizarre rant from a Tory blogger about Tim Farron's observation that the coalition is not a natural ideological fit -

"Farron who has lashed out at the Co-Go in a recent BBC interview, is clearly in denial over his parties permanent ties to the Tories."

First point - "Co-Go"? I've heard of Con-Dems and even Con-Dem-Nation, but if we're going to have a new abbreviation every other week it's going to get slightly dizzying. I can only assume this one stands for "Conservative Government", and if that's the typical perception of a Tory member it's hardly surprising Lib Dems are becoming ever more uneasy.

Second point - I suspect even those Lib Dems most passionately committed to the coalition will be somewhat startled to learn that their party now has "permanent ties" to the Tories!


  1. Might I just suggest... COaliton GOvernment?

  2. Ah, that'll be it, right enough. To be fair to myself, the capital 'C' does bring to mind Conservative - there's no particular reason for the 'c' in 'coalition' to be capitalised.