Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Populus subsample : SNP just two points behind Labour

The Scottish subsample of the latest UK-wide Populus poll shows support for both Labour and the SNP slipping somewhat, while the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats both make progress. However, the Tories are nevertheless left in a dire fourth place, and on a vote share lower than they achieved at the 2005 election. Here are the full figures -

Labour 32% (-5)
SNP 30% (-4)
Liberal Democrats 17% (+5)
Conservatives 15% (+2)
Others 5% (+1)

This is undoubtedly the SNP's best showing in a subsample by any polling firm for a little while, although as ever it's worth pointing out that the Populus sample size is typically much lower than YouGov's or Angus Reid's - an unweighted base of just 83 in this case.

1 comment:

  1. Instinctively this seems much closer to the 'real' picture than other sub-samples and certainly much closer to the last proper Scotland only poll.

    I'd question the order of LibDem and Tory but there you go.